The Last: Naruto The Movie Come to Malaysia!

My friends and I are very happy because we always hope that our country also bring the Japanese Anime movies into the cinema Malaysia so much! We are very thankful to GSC Cinemas, and the Japanese anime, "The Last: Naruto The Movie" will screen exclusively at selected GSC Cinemas on 29th January 2015. Enjoy to watch the full trailer with english subbed!

Long time, I started to read Naruto manga and anime from 2007 till now! Naruto manga already be complete after 8 years already.... I really love the Ninja so much, many friends also attracted to the Naruto's skills and ninja life, but we felt Naruto also carry a touching story about a brave boy who grew up and continue to learn the ninja's skills as he never give up without the parent's guidance since he lived alone in Konoha village, which are hated by the villagers who blame him for their loved's death! That is why it become very popular in Japan and worldwide!

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Oh my, the Naruto characters already be adults! I am happy to see all characters in Naruto become mature and cute after the Fourth Shinobi World War. I still remember that Hinata brave to confess her love to Naruto in front of his strongest enemy! The Naruto's fans sure excited when Naruto and Hinata's love story finally come out from this movie! We like it so we no need to question each other about how their life will filled by their love, and bravery! Hinata changed to be courage person, thanks to Naruto's encouraging because Hinata was kid who very weak, and rejected as her head of family by Hyuuga clan and Neji.

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I still want to watch the The Last: Naruto The Movie will be released in GSC Malaysia on 29th Jan! Great!

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