Movie Review: Woman in Black, Angel of Death @ GSC IOI Mall Puchong

Woman in Black, Angel of Death brings a group of children with two teachers to Eel Marsh House as they are fleeing from German attacks during World War II. They take refuge in the dilapidated seasid le residence. While they settle in waiting for the war come to end in the world, the children begin exploring Eel Marsh House. What they discovered the old story - horror and mystery!

I never watch the movie part 1 so, I watched this part 2 as I figured that each part have own story... In the Part 2, Eve Parkins noticed that she got the unexplainable phenomenon with haunting parallels to her own life at same time, Edward starts acting strange, and scaring the other kids with stories of a shadowy ghost which Edward saw... It make my sister and I felt scary because this movie bring a very darkness evil to get the children because the children can see a ghost when they are kids only! Edward cannot talk so well because he shocked by his death of parents, that is why he is very quiet guy who loves draw the paper...Eve Parkins always thought him as her own son. Everyone sure have their own problem during the World War II. They affected by negative thought. Eve give her best to solve the mystery story about who own this house and how this family live in?

The place's atmosphere is very creepy, make my sister and I don't dare to stay in the house which are very dirty, and looks like haunted house! If I am there, I sure take all of my children and friends leave this house when I am not comfortable! I shocked that this house have many unsettled affair matter...So, that is why the woman in black still want to take the souls if who was staying there! Luckily, Eve learned the positive thought to fight with bad & negative thought, that is what she has only when she is brave to face the woman in black.

From this movie, I learned the lesson; NEVER give up when you face the challenges on your own, such as how you face your life when you lost yourself! A parent really never leave their own children, as they try to protect their children with their love.

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