KLIPS Malaysia Movie Review: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb @ GSC One Utama

Thanks to #KLIPSMY My mom and I are very happy to get free pair of tickets from We surprised that many people still went to the One Utama, so the parking car are full, due to school holiday and Christmas celebration! Lucikly, we went there so earlier! I still remembered the first movie - Night at the Museum which released in 2006 since I was Multimedia University (MMU) student, enjoyed this movie with my best friend who is hearing. I really love this comedy movie because it make me laugh so much! Imagine you work on boring job at the museum on everyday, right? They bring idea to make the history of artifacts become alive! So awesome! Now, many people are happy with the Night at Museum 2 is back!

Yahoo! I got free notepad "Night at Museum" when we got tickets from booth at One Utama. Let me tell you about this short story - when the powers of a tablet that gives life to inanimate museum models begins to run dry, night watchman Larry Daley travels to London in the hope of finding a solution at the British Museum. He’s joined by his son Nicky, Theodore Roosevelt , Jedadiah, Octavious and a variety of other colourful characters on this quest to restore the tablet’s power and save his friends. Egypt's king need to meet his parent in the British Museum there, in order to restore the power of a tablet.

We never forget our favorite comedy actor Robin Williams who are RIP. Funny they become messy when the power suddenly be out! They have to face their journey to find the solution to solve the problem with another charming Sr Lancelot from the British Museum. And an ancient guy fell love with a lady guard make us surprised. Maybe they become most comedy characters if the movie 3 come out again! Haha. But I don't think that Larry Daley back to work again because he needs to find his dream to set out as his new journey... I felt the plot of story are okay only. They talk comedy so much than doing the action.

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