I Won iPod Nano from #P1NostalgicNation Challenge, #P1Connect!

Last Friday (14 Nov), P1 Online Media Associates on Facebook finally announce the results of competition, and chose me as the Consolation Prizes winner of  #P1NostalgicNation, #P1Connect! Wow, I got iPod Nano! I really like it! But, it is not suitable for me so I give it to my youngest sister, Jocelyn who needed it. Thank you very much, #P1NostalgicNation! 

How? It's easy as you can do a short video then try put a video via your share at facebook, then write #hashtags only! I think my creative idea to make the K-ON! anime story for 3 tasks; #FoldABoat, #FoldAPlane and #MakeAFall. Enjoy to watch video on my post - here.

Thank you very much, ya!
We, K-ON! friends can go travel to United Kingdom
for our graduation trip! We bring iPod Nano too! Bye! Bye!

Well, I always experienced to won my iPad Mini, KLIPS movie tickets, Lazada's prizes, HERO book by Rhonda Byrne and few gifts since I took part in their competition for my best try! I always feel blessed so very lucky in my life!

At same time #P1NostalgicNation announced the results, my youngest sister told me so suddenly that she won the #Grouponmy's prize; Wireless charging mat that can be use for almost any products! Apple, Samsung, LG Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and any devices with microUSB port! Now she really can ditch the cord when charging her iPhone/iPad!

Jocelyn's prize from Grouponmy
I never expected my youngest sister won a awesome prize from Grouponmy on Instagram too! Wow, I am proud with my sister got hers! My mom always happy to encourage me and my sister to take part in the social media competition, easy only! You also can do too!

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