Movie Review: Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold is not very horror but, really good story about a prince who murdered thousands of civilians during wartime, but in a strictly “destroy the village to save the village” manner, that is why he is famous, called "Vlad Impaler". After war, he managed to back home to meet his family, he live with his wife and son so happily until his childhood friend - enemy become new Sultan, is demanding 1,000 Transylvanian children be sent for forced military training. Finally, Vlad not agree for this contract with Sultan and kills a group of soldiers that have been sent to take his young son captive, and begins formulating a plan to defeat a military force a thousand times larger than his own.

I felt that Vlad is nice and honest guy, want to protect his village and important person who he loves so much. But, he is not good leader because he don't want his friends died in his hand if he guided his army to be involve in the war, will have same experience as him. That is why he find his own power to kill more enemies on his own!

He don't care about his life, so he want to deal with Master Vampire to get new power. He gets superhuman strength and senses for three days. If he can resist drinking human blood during that time, he’ll return to his normal, old self. But if he succumbs to his thirst, then he will be damned for eternity. So Vlad has three days to single-handedly defeat the Turkish army! There are also several scenes where Dracula turns into a cloud of bats, and even one scene where he scales a black cliff bare-handed to destroy the Turkish army! I really like the CGI and visual-graphic for the battles and landscapes are amazing!

We learned the lesson from this movie. If you are facing the difficult situation, you really need the support and seek the help from your friends and family. It's not good for you add more weight on your shoulder until you can lose your friends and important person you loved! When you are good leader, you should work on your teamwork with the army to protect the village together!

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