Annabelle Movie Review @ GSC, IOI Mall

My sister and I really love the horror and ghost movies so we sure grab the chance to watch Annabelle movie when we are free! This movie also related to The Conjuring movie is my favorite horror because the couple are paranormal investigators make surprising stories while they have amazing skills and patient to face with the horror & scary spirits which they witnessed...That is why my friends and colleagues said The Conjuring movie are great.  If you miss it, nevermind. You can buy DVD to watch it when you are free. Oh ya, you can watch the movie, "Annabelle" after this!

My sister told me that it also make more loud and noise voices when a wife, Mia always approached by the encountered spirit who followed Mia and her baby, Leah that never explained by the couple and priest! We really not like the creepy dolls which collected by Mia, the dolls' collector!! We learned that Mia’s home is invaded by Satanically possessed hippies after the murderers killed their own parent as Mia's neighbor. Then, during the fatal shootout with local police that follows, some evil hippie blood infects Annabelle...

I felt that this movie only focus the couple with new baby, Annabelle doll haunted Mia so continuously, as it want a soul from them. Many unexplainable activities always happened to Mia so mostly, so it is lucky Leah baby, never affected by the supernatural's activities...

For us, this story is not true. But, we learned a true story of "Annabelle" about Donna's mother bought her a Raggedy Ann doll for her birthday in 1970 . Donna was just about to graduate with a nursing degree and lived in a small apartment with her roommate Angie. The house was also frequently visited by their mutual friend, Lou. Read more about "Annabelle" true story.

We advised you should not buy the dolls for your sake of children, ya! We will never! The teddy bears are better as it give the soft comfortable to the kids.

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