Two Pesos Malaysia, Taiwan Mini Steamboat @ SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat, which is first branch in Malaysia opened on the 25 August 2014. After it opened, you can see too many customers are queuing up at the restaurant, especially dinner time. Bill Lim, Two Pesos SS2's manager who invited me to review the Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat as healthy restaurant located at SS2 Petaling Jaya, Selangor!

I love the orange theme match which decorated by the Two Pesos restaurant, it make us felt comfortable and peace. We don't feel bad smell when we went inside the air-cond restaurant. It is very important for them to keep the restaurant be clean on every time. We given the friendly menu with the crayon-like pencil is used to tick what is your favorite pot, later can be erased when we want to change to another pot or new customers come! I like the crayon pencils! 

The menu are very clear and beautiful image of each pot! Bill Lim explained to my mom, sis and me that we can choose which is one; rice, or yee mee or mee hoon if you want to add, then you can choose which is meat; pork or beef or lamb for your favorite pot. We choose three main pots; Two Pecos Stone Pot with yee mee and pork, Milky Seafood with pork and mee hoon, and Japanese Sukiyaki Pot with beef and rice. He recommended the famous pot; Mongolian Herbs Pot with pork and mee hoon and add-on; dumplings.

1 Kochabi Winter Melon Tea (RM2.50) and 2 Passionfruit Ice (RM2.50 each)
We choose the drinks; we had 2 glasses of Passionfruit Ice (RM2.50 each) and one Kochabi Winter Melon Tea (RM2.50). I love the Passionfruit Ice! Next time, I sure order same drink as I like it!

There are the self service counter for sauces, spoons, chopsticks and soup. I like Bean Paste sauce are sweet, so I think sure many people like the Bean Paste which is more popular. Two, the garlic mash too good as my mom, sister and I used to eat alot garlics at home. You can read the information of Two Pecos Stone Pot, about how you cook the meat in the Stone Pot...?

First, a staff deliver the Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM13.50) for my mom, as she wants to try this special soup of Two Pecos! The soup taste is normal and suitable for older customers and children.

Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM13.50)

A staff will assist to cook for you the pork meat until medium done. There is a nice aroma of garlic and sesame oil while cooking! It make me felt like cook the BBQ meat! After taking out the meat, soup will poured into the pot. Then, it is up to us to cook our own steamboat in this pot. This Two Pesos soup can be refilled with jug from the counter.

Mongolian Herbs Pot (RM14)

For Mongolian Herbs Pot, we given a bowl of vegetables with fishballs mushrooms, lala, crab stick, tauhu, fuchuk, carrot and pumpkin with yee mee & pork meat Wow, first time I see the shape of designed Mongolian pot is also very unique and historical thing... I love to drink the soup herbs so good yummy! Mongolian pot is a very simple and healthy soup! I think because Mongolians believe that the heat and grease from just cooked meat eliminates fatigue and boosts stamina. It is best pot can serve for your family to share this if you love healthy steamboat!

Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM 14)

I always love Japanese Sukiyaki soup when I come to eat the steamboat only! I know sukiyaki is a winter dish, normally eat by Japanese people during cold weather only. Now, I tried the Japanese Sukiyaki pot, so I tasted the sweet and salty flavor a little bit like teriyaki sauce, with beef, taufo, sweet corn, pumpkin, mushroom and vegetable in the mix! So delicious! Japanese Sukiyaki Pot is high recommended!

Milky Seafood Pot (RM14)

My sister want to try new Milky Seafood Pot (RM14) as we never eat it before! My sister and I curious and asked what it is...Maybe this looks like fish head noodle soup but it is different soup get milk mix with cheese, added the pork meat and seafood! The Milk sauce is made from specially formulated cream with the cheese favour. It is best for people who likes milk and cheese only. The size of prawns and fish fillet given is of decent  portion and appropriate to the cost of RM14.00.

Dumplings - 4 pieces (RM3.80)

Dumplings are delicious with the aromatic taste of eggs, mushrooms and vegetable. And I tasted the meat pork inside the dumplings! It can put in any heat pot as you like! My mom, sister and I felt very full after we ate 4 different pot as we experienced so enjoyable, wow! Next time, I sure will bring my Deaf friends come to try Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat when we are free, ya!

I asked the manager, "why Two Pesos?" because I wondered why Pesos is the currency in Philippines, if convert to RM0.15 ringgit only cheap?? For Taiwan, Two Pesos attracted more customers to enjoy the cheap mini steamboat worth $1.40, so maybe it is good idea. That is why Two Pesos become famous so it got 50 branches in Taiwan!

But, he told me, my mom and sister about a love story behind this  restaurant. It started with the two co-owners (middle-ages) who were having midlife crisis. Then, both went to Philippine for a holiday. Coincidentally they met each other there and fell in love. They got great idea and they went back to Taiwan. So, they decided to open a steamboat restaurant with the name "Two Pesos" in Taiwan! Thank you for Mr Bill Lim as we enjoyed to experience the Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat so we felt that each mini steamboat have their own special taste to eat so very delicious! 

The Cashier service
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Two Pesos Restaurant,
No. 7, GF, Jalan SS 2/ 67, 47300 Petaling Jaya.
Contact : +603 - 7865 2072

See the map below - (Two Pecos just beside the Starbucks and near BHP petrol station only)

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huislaw said…
I finally tried this awesome steamboat place!
Selina Wing said…
Hi Hu Sheng,

Thank you for reading my post, make you like to eat Two pesos SS2! It's great delicious!