TPF Hong Kong Desserts @ IOI Mall Puchong

First time, my good friend, James Chua and I see new "TPF Hong Kong Desserts" shop just opened in IOI Mall Puchong on last year. Before this, I remembered Tutti Fruits store there but, no one customer go inside, so it moved out from IOI Mall. Finally, TPF Malaysia took a chance to open for the Malaysians who love to eat ice dessert and snacks at IOI Mall, Puchong!

We like to see a cute mascot character, tiger when we check on the menu desserts! It remind us about this character looks like Hobbes, stuffed tiger in the comic "Calvin and Hobbes" since we love to read it when we are kids! That is why we attracted to see a cute mascot icon on every type of dessert on the menu! We decided to share 3 different that we like to try; 1 snow ice dessert, 1 black sesame balls soup, and 1 beancurd skin with gingko. Next time, we will eat a big Snow Ice dessert and Mango Ice Cream ya!

We choose a small Mango Snow Ice dessert because we worried if we cannot finish a big! We really love to eat mango. We also heard that the Tracka Durian Snow Ice dessert is also popular but, we don't like to smell the durian!

Mango Snow Ice Dessert (RM7.20) - small
Beancurd Skin with Gingko.It helps rejuvenate skin and promote better complexion.
Black Sesame Soup (3 pieces ball)
When I ate all desserts, all are very yummy and soft! Next time, I will bring my family to try it because the TPF Hong Kong Desserts from Taiwan, bringing the best quality of hot, cold and western dessert so you all enjoy to eat the desserts and snacks during the weather are hot or cold!

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When I saw this mascot character, it make me really miss Calvin and Hobbes! Be honest, I wonder if the TPF owner or designer really love a character, Hobbes or not? Hehe.

As we remember a great story about Calvin and Hobbes share such a strong bond of friendship when Hobbes, the stuffed tiger only comes to life when adults aren’t around. In their lives, Calvin and Hobbes sometimes beat each other up and argue about the slightest things, at the end of the day, they love each other like brothers. This sort of friendship teaches your kids that loyalty is paramount in a friendship, no matter the differences you might have.

Calvin: It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring! 

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