Movie Review: LUCY @ GSC IOI Mall, Puchong

My mom told me that LUCY is great movie, so we should watch it! Why? Because they have good theory about our brain and science of human life, so interesting! Let me say about this movie to represent a human lady named "Lucy" but I surprised that the first monkey-human discovered named "Lucy", called a hominin, read the Wikipekia, Lucy. Just joke only! Haha.

Lucy, just be normal lady who is an unwilling drug mule who becomes infected with a new drug called CPH4 that she have to transport the drug. It causes she use more than her to use more than 10% of the brain that all humans used....Of course, it is a myth. Read wikipekia about the 10% of brain myth. I am not sure if it is true or not about we used 10% only?

The drug begins changing Lucy, letting her utilize more of her power and abilities. This allows her to do all kinds like checking the energy of human & all nature, color of her hair, learn all techniques and skills in short time so very fast and listen in on cell phone calls,without the use of electronic equipment. Sometimes, she can do magic like gravity-floating and move the people!

If she access the technology,  she can gain all information stored in her brain so short time only! I amazed with Lucy! So, I want her power too! Haha. Then she really want to share her knowledge with Professor Norman before she leaves while she and her partner still on hunt by the Korean gangsters who are powerful. For me, we maybe can be high-intelligible human in the future? We can evolve to be better if we can improve our memory retention, learning, creative visualization, language and math on everyday?

Maybe the fact - we can become god or can do magic to make the things change? Believe it or not? Then you better to try watch this movie, "Lucy" then you think your opinion, ya.

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