Movie Review: Into the Storm @ MBO, Kepong Village Mall

My dad was free so he like to watch the movie at MBO Kepong Village Mall. We decided to choose a movie titled "Into the Storm" on last May as my sister want to watch it. First time, I watch new tornado storms movie, so this story are about a high school junior Donnie  is filming “time capsule” footage with his younger brother, Trey, at same time, they helped their dad to record the video on the graduation of students in their school at Silverton, Oklahoma, since their dad is working as  vice-principal of their school.

I surprised that they tried to add the comedy scenes about two adults are very stupid and still act as kid who is not mature! They love to try new dangerous things! That is why they let you to learn the moral lesson, like you should not follow their stupid path!

Funny, they never be killed or injured while they did it on many times! They are extreme happy until they forget their pain?? So weird! As I know, tornado can kill anybody and animals if you trapped inside! The nature of tornado are very strong than the human's weapons! It can suck any houses or animals or cars until it clear everything in front of your eyes! A dad always think of the kids when the dad relationship with kids are not good. I understand that a dad tried to be protective and push the kids to listen, but an eldest brother always blame his dad for his mom's death. That is why they cannot accept their mom's death...

It is very touching when a dad is very brave while he was looking for an eldest brother and girl who trapped in the hole at the factory! Many people thought he leave the factory but, a dad still can felt that his own son need a help since he experienced with the loss of their mother in a family. It also deliver the emotion (two teenagers with a camera deliver a goodbye message to their parents), and the dad and brother still not give up, so it keep to telling you have to fight your emotion to save your important person in your family!

Suddenly, the storms become violent and deadly; each one leaves more devastation to buildings and people.The characters always support each other to save themselves. It teach us to stay positive and patient to gain trust from your friends and strangers when we face the danger! It leave a message to you that please don't do the risk if you stand near the tornado storms, for the rewards so you better to save your life first!

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