Movie Review: Maleficent @ GSC, Paradigm Mall

First time, Disney created a different story about Maleficent, so she is the evil villain but, later she become hero at same time too because she cares about her kingdom and respect the humans who have good-hearted only. Do you remember that Disney’s 1959 Sleeping Beauty is about the wonderful tale of Aurora and how her loving parents tried to shield her from an evil sorceress who wanted to curse the child because she wasn’t invited to the party?

What happened to Stefan and Maleficent to make them so vengeful? Who wronged them? Young and innocent; brave young boy, Stefan meets Maleficent the protector of the forest...They become best friend who love each other during their sweet memories time! Normally, we are kids, when we get our wish to become what we want to be. We learned about the human have good and bad sides! That is why Stefan stops visiting and Maleficent yearns for his company. But he is now working for the King and has a burning ambition to be the successor to the throne, that is his greed for his ambition!

Most scene which I liked are Maleficent delivers her curse to the little Princess Aurora, first born of the King, to fall into a death-like sleep on her 16th birthday; awakened only by the kiss of true love. I see a very cute baby, Princess Aurora there! She and her assisant, Diaval always take care of little Princess Aurora since three fairies who not good with kids! Princess Aurora always spend time with Maleficent since she grow up to be beautiful princess, she thinks Maleficent as her own mother!

I like three fairies in the original animated; Sleeping Beauty! I surprised that 3 fairies are smallest! Wow, they did a very great CGI and production design for the Maleficent, just like like Alice in Wonderland and Oz the Great and Powerful movies that I seen before!

I know that the Sleeping Beauty to make Maleficent to become a dragon to involve the battle, at end her eventual death at the hands of Prince Phillip. So, this is really different, Maleficent are looking for Prince Philip to save her own child, Princess Aurora. I am really sad about King Stefan because he never care his own wife and child, and focus on his revenage to kill Maleficent.

About the true love kiss, I knew it's not Prince Philip. It could be FAMILY as most important in your life, Maleficent gave a kiss! My good friend, Rainfall guessed so wrongly! Haha, Maleficent saves her from the death-sleeping! We learned some lessons about what are they doing so mistakenly. We should not be greedy for what we cannot to get in our life. You can change yourself when you accept to forgive your enemy, if he/she treated you so bad. You should learn to be self-awareness, and learn to love yourself more than others! Why? Because your selfishness bring more darkness side in your life, change your life become difficult and not good!

No need to depends on revenge for humans and her love on King Stefan and doing her bad-evil things, Maleficent got a change of heart is freedom in and of itself. So, we human sure can change our heart when we become better and step to be forward than we back to the past life!

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