Google's self-driving car, no steering wheel or brake pedals!

Google is working on the prototype; self-driving car without human intervention, it relies on built-in sensors and a software system to safely maneuver the vehicle, so it can do all the work. They give a try for the volunteers; blind person, old couple, family and others. It is very friendly for the disability people who cannot drive! The disability people no need to learn the driving license, so they enjoy to ride it!  It is cool! I really like a cute Google car!

They don't have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal! A passenger just press a start engine to drive so auto, after they press the screen maps or can use their voice to tell about where they want go to? This small car have two seats, let more spaces for their pet, dog can sit inside!

Many car companies interested in the Google's self driving's project that want to working with Google to be their partner, just like Google could either partner with car-for-hire service Uber, or even possibly develop an Uber-like service by itself?

For me, it more like robot car or taxi-auto car, right? Imagined that this car maybe will be evolve from self-driving into the self-talking & driving car, then it is Transformers! Haha. I always tired when I drive my car in the traffic jam! It is very better if my car is self-driving!

It have good benefits for the disability people; the people who used the wheel-chair, blind, visual-impaired, hearing-impaired and physical-ability need to use the self-driving car? What are you thinking of this?

Source via Official Google blog.

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