Surf Selfie Reveal Your Internet Addiction!

Nowadays, the young generation are also extremely tech-savvy and love to be connected with each other via various types of social networks! Maybe you worry about your attraction to the Internet now. So, Serkollen allows you to check your weekly report based on your result of addiction's online behaviour with the web browser history. It called "Surf Selfie" in English developed by Nackedemin, a vocational institute based in Sweden. "Surf Selfie" summarises your online activity for the last week.

I tried to use Surf Selfie with my favorite browser, Mozilla Firefox, then I shocked when I am very high active to use my Internet on everyday! Mostly, I always read comic online, because I am anime geek. I also check my Facebook to promote my blogs and active in to earn money. For blogging, I always use to gain more information!

Surf Selfie is available for currently available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and in both Swedish and English.

If you want to know about your Internet addiction, please visit their website at

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