Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier @ MBO Kepong

Last week, I won the KLIPS Malaysia Premiere two tickets via email! I am really be thankful to KLIPS team! I gave it to my best friend, due my family's reason. She really enjoyed to watch it! She said this movie is awesome! Since my dad want to watch a movie, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", he not watch it at cinema hall on long time so he asked us to bring him to watch! We really enjoyed it because it is great combat action and really bring some futuristic related to the military fly ship, make us curious what it is!

There are some interesting scenes to make me like to watch so comedy!

The list of things that Steve Rogers plans to check out in the modern world because he need to learn many things which he never seen when he are living in the modern world! I surprised that "Moon Landing" - Apollo history, "Steve Jobs" - Apple, Star Wars/Trek - his favorite show?, Thai Food - maybe he first time to eat thai food?, so it make us get to know more from Steve Rogers's life! Haha.

Wow, the muzium also got the display of Captain America's history! He is 'cool' celebrity and hero to the kids and adults in the America! I shocked that the spaceship is very high-tech to shoot the human target around the world!! It is very scary... I imagined that people around the world can allow them to build new military spaceship like this? If it is reality, it sure can lead the countries around the world more worry about the terrorism; such as the evil will control it or the military will break the law from government...? It's very dangerous.

Wow! He is falcon guy who used the 'fly' machine with the wings. He is cool when he was fighting with the helicopter, jets, and anything also can! He are flying always so speedy, like faster! He knows how to control himself with the windy in the air since he was very experienced in the military forces.

Captain America and his friend, Black Widow become targeted by the SHIELD team because his leader who passed away and entrust his USB thumb drive to Captain America! Funny, they are like couple on every mission! I really like his skill 'boomerang shield' because he can protect himself with this 'circle' shield so I felt a shield is very useful for the soldiers if they are in the war fighting! 

For me, Captain America bring the positive messages, such as he really care his friendship as he never forget his best friend's memories, than his judgement on what is his best friend doing as he keep to believe himself when he can changes his best friend. More, the price of freedom is high important to him and it's a price that he are willing to pay. One funny message that he told Falcon guy,"if they shoot you, mean they are evil!" It make me laugh.

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