Google Magic Hand Is Awesome and Unbelievable!!

"Today (1 April 2014), we are proud to announce the new version of Google Japanese Input -- the Magic Hand version.We have developed a device that helps make input on touchscreens even more accurate and convenient." - Google Japan Team.

Normally, we call it, "Google Magic Hand" because it's from Google! This invention really is interesting! Their idea is funny, they make design of hand looks as "Mickey hand"!  Sure, you curious about how to use the Google Magic Hand? Please watch this youtube below;

You are boring or tired when you always touch on your tablet with your finger on everytime! Your finger maybe be pain if you used too much. So, Google Magic Hand can help you enjoy to touch on your tablet!

Imagine, you control it to touch on the keyboard when you used the tablet...It's easy or difficult? :P

Source by Google Japan

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