KiKi Taiwan Cuisine @ KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

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The Ki Ki Taiwan Cuisine served Taiwanese Fast Food Style, by Fong Lye. It located on the 4th floor of KLCC. Kiki’s servings are really quite oriental and unique. It have their own logo, cute kitty!

KiKi is a nice concept and - good choice for a quick meal. You want to order the meal set with the soup and 3 sides dish. Each of us have bittergourd with chicken soup, it can fill our stomach so we love Taiwanese soup!

They have nice teapots and really clean fragranted tea. We choose two different type of tea; Olong Tea and Jasmine Rose Tea, so we figured out about the taste of the floral aroma with rose, wonderfully refreshing!

The decor is nice and simple - basically open plans with banquette seating on one side and mostly small square tables in the rest of the area. Lighted accents provide some interest on the walls.

My good friend tried the meal set, potato fried with white rice. We really love the fried potatos because it is very soft to bite! It looks very reasonable price that she choose.

My best friend choose her "normal" fried rice with rice wine set, but it's better taste so delicious! It's cheaper price than other meal set which we ordered! :) It really aromatic and healthy option, not much oil, and salt.

"Kung Po Stir-Fried Chicken" - it is very delicious, give out an impeccable aroma of spicy with the fragrance of fesh herbs! It is a "must try" dish that you can get only! I love my friend's good choice because it looks enough for 2 persons! He managed to finish all by himself! Wow. It looks expensive!

At end, my choice is "Tomato Egg with fish fillet" meal set. I love to eat the fish fillet, so I tasted a very tomatoes sauce and egg only, but it's nice with provided the vegetables and chicken slices with white rice too!

It was a very enjoyable dining experience to eat lunch in a group! We really enjoyed to chat each other while we still drinking the aroma tea! It can refill on many times! I heard from other bloggers, that "Sweet Potato Balls" is very recommend to eat, so next time we try the sweet potato balls when we come to KLCC again!

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