Movie Review: Lone Survivor

Based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission “Operation Red Wing.” Four members of SEAL Team 10, were tasked with the mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader, Ahmad Shahd. Marcus Luttrell was the only member of his team to survive.

The SEAL team have four men who speak, compete and argue with one another like brothers. The officers are forced to decide what to do kill the old man and the children or let them free and risk the Taliban wrath— and their decision is a life-changing one. Because of it, the enlisted men eventually face a group of unrepentant Taliban warriors, who show them no mercy.

I am admired that the men were fighting for their and their teammate’s lives, and that comes across loud and clear! It's very crazy decision which they did to make their life are put at the high risk!! For example, they jump down and roll their bodies on many times! If we are soldiers, we sure felt it is very painful when we brave to do it!

I felt that the relationship between Luttrell and the Afghan villager who saved his life is a poignant element, especially when contrasted with a particular tough choice that the SEALs had to make good decision - let the villagers who found them in earlier. We understand that SEALs' choice are not going to be wasted, because it did teach us to appreciate the love, humanity and the honor that exists in a world where we lived together so harmony and peace than the revenge and hatred!

There are the barrier communication between Luttrell and the Afghan villager so they did not understand each other when they speak different language! They still take more time to be patience and calm down when they face the situation which are not easy... We must be calm down when we help the person who needed to be saved, this person need to put his/her courage and patience to listen from us! We cannot blame and angry each other, unless we lost our precious person which is important to us.

So, my friend and I get to know that this movie; Lone Survivor is a very rememberable story to make us learned about the bravery and sacrifice of the SEALs and members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment who took part in Operation Red Wings.

I sure that this movie bring positive attention to the public to learn the moral lessons; we should not make enemies  if we want to do the good deeds, and helped the human like us, no matter we are different race with different religion, in other country!

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