Movie Review: 47 Ronin @ MBO Citta Mall

My good friend and blogger, Rainfall called me so suddenly! She dragged me out to watch FREE movie, 47 Ronin because she did to win the contest from KLIPS Malaysia! She don't want to miss 47 Ronin! But, I watched it before, so she told me about MBO Citta Mall. I love to try new MBO in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara! I took her offer! When my friend and I reach the Citta Mall, I shocked its Legoland theme @ MBO Cinema!

Wow! We enjoyed to sit in the big chairs! It's very fun to watch the 47 Ronin movie. I loved the Samurai and anything related to ancient history! I also wish to visit the Japan to see the real samurai, Sakura trees and Japanese Castle!

The basic story behind the 47 Ronin tells of a group of 47 masterless samurai in 18th century Japan who avenge the death of their master. Their master was disgraced, and their land and honor taken from them. They follow the code of the bushido to avenge their master’s death and as a consequence, all of them die. It is one of Japan’s greatest tales. This movie also introduces exciting supernatural fantasy elements, such as demons, so the fantasy stuffs are not related to 47 Ronin true story.

I also love the beautiful landscapes drawn by the graphic 3D effect designers in filmmaker's team, good job! The interesting scenes about the test of "Tengu" come to Kia and his friend don't have the friendship but, they also believe each other in their heart only, make me interested in this part! It also test your courage and bravery to believe in your friend who make you must put yourself at your risk of life, if you want to seek his help in order to become stronger! 

I thought that Tengu is cool but, the end they are ugly Tengu!! Sad! Do you know what is Tengu? According to Wikipedia, the traditional Tengu are incredibly popular supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art, theater, and literature. They’re one of the best known mythological creatures in Japan and are sometimes even worshiped as Shinto kami. Tengu were originally thought to be birdlike, and they are traditionally depicted with both human and avian characteristics.

What is this monster?! We also think the Dragon is a Chinese God who we respected so well. We are shocked about a samurai fight with a evil Dragon...For the western culture, they believe that Dragon is evil! Normally, a simple story is a prince also looking for a princess in a castle, then he fight the Dragon, then save a princess so, it is easy? 

I surprised when I learned the 47 Ronins movie is true story! The real story took place between 1701 and 1703. Two feudal lords, Asano and Kamei, got into a fight with the Shogun's corrupt chief chamberlain, Lord Kira. Asano drew his sword in the Edo Palace - a major transgression - so he had to commit suicide by the aforementioned method. Asano's now leaderless and unemployed samurai (''ronin'') took more than a year to plan their revenge. Defying the Shogun, the loyal 47 Ronin (actually 46, as one of them went off as a messenger) attacked the house of Lord Kira, killed 16 of his men and cut off his head, which they placed as an offering on the tomb of their master. The Shogun had no choice but to condemn them, but he did allow them an honourable exit with used the ritual of seppuku (Japanese ritual suicide). If you want to know more about real 47 Ronin, please visit at

Their action to break the rules of Japan feudal era forced 47 Ronin have to suicide seppuku (Japanese ritual suicide) by themselves because they hold their honor and pride as Samurai, since they cannot be together with their loved family. So, this movie also have mixed of feeling such as the justice, power, love and hatred in their lives. The Japanese people also respacted the 47 Ronin to celebrate their death's anniversary in Japan on every year, because it is is the ultimate expression of the samurai code of honor, Bushido as their important of lives.

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