Why use iChoose.MY? You can win RM10,000 when you join the iChoose.MY contest!

After my mini seminar in the Blogrrr event which MYNIC launched, MYNIC's iChoose campaign to persuade Malaysia bloggers to register a local domain name, because there still be many local bloggers love to use the blogspot and wordpress in Malaysia.

They give the CHEAPEST promotion about RM 30 for a year, RM 50 for 2 years before 31 December 2013! There are three options; you can choose either .my, or So which one is suitable for you. If you have your own personal blog, better to take .MY because it is very easy and simple, right?

Why you use this? Because it no need the skill technical - know-how required, and IT professional, just let them do the mapping process for you. It's easy only! If you are beginner or just start new blog, you can learn the blogging tips from iChoose.MY. For me, its simple and short tips only...

You’ll shout "WOWW!" when you love to win the cash prize, RM10,000 from the iChoose.MY?!
Grab this chance so quickly before 31 December 2013!

How we do it? Easy 3 steps only!

you check if your domain name is available in the iChoose.MY, if you get a .my domain for your blog; blogspot or wordpress!

Two, write a blog entry by including the keywords (blogger,, MYNIC) with minimum of 200 words.

Three, submit your email about your Name, Phone No, Email address and blog entry URL to, with "#ichoose" as the subject.

Remember the DEADLINE is 31st Dec 2013. To know more information about this blogging contest, please visit at

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