Salam Media, Islamic Marketing Agency in Malaysia, for Social Media and Bloggers

Salam Media is a social media advertising agency in first Islamic version in Malaysia. They offered the media or advertising company and promotion of a brand in blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter-based Sharia-compliant and reliable.

Salam Media offers services to promote their brand in a community of bloggers and social media influence consumers who are now already aware effectiveness in spreading the news of the world's fastest internet. If you are marketer, you want to know about how Salam Media do the brand awareness for the bloggers and social media, please download their Slides at

For beginners, Salam Media offers free registration and also be a lucky draw prizes mini ipad. Wow, you have a chance to write the review about Salam Media!

With this, the advantage is 20 points awarded if you make an entry related to Salam Media to qualify for the prize. What are you waiting for? Go to

Please register the Salam Media's form before 31 December 2013!

It is a great way to support the blogger outreach, helping to make life a little bit easier for everyone involved as possible, review about their business brands to get more awareness and news to reach the blog readers so quickly!

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