My favourite books from The BIG BAD WOLF Book Sales Event @ The Mines

The Big Bad Wolf is held at the MIECC, The Mines, Seri Kembangan from 6th December 2013 (Friday) to 15th December 2013 (Sunday) opens for 24 hours! I went to the Big Bad Wolf on my first time before my mini seminar, Blogrrr and Award Ceremony on last 14 Dec 2013! If you miss it, don't worry. Every year, they also held The Big Bad Wolf event at The Mines only!

I shocked that all 3 million books with 75-95% discounts from RM 4 till RM 30 only!! We enjoyed to pick up brand-new treasures like we never seen before! If you love to read the books, better go to buy the cheap books from the The Big Bad Wolf because you can read more books for a year or two-years after you collected your favorite books! It is very reasonable for the all-ages of readers!

In the morning earlier, I bought two SPECIAL books; "Money Everything You Never Knew about your favourite thing to find, save, spend & covet" and 3D cover page with "Beyonders - A world without Heros, Brandon Mull". I saw the BBW crew will also provide boxes for the readers who bought too many books! Some readers who bring the travel bags and trolley shopping bags!! Crazy!

After my event, Blogrrr 2013, my mom, sister and I went there again. We bought 16 books around RM 120 only. So cheap! I got 5 or 6 books for myself. I think can complete to read my new books for a year, be enough. I am really love my self-improving and novel books, as it help to improve my grammar of English & increase my knowledge and physiology to understand the Deaf and hearing person in the different culture which they lived on their own...

My collection of books are very interesting, why my sister and I still love to read the books?
We really to be thankful to my dad and mom who always encourage us to read the novels, books, and comics. Last time, my sisters and I were kids, aged 8 - 13, then my dad and mom leave us to be alone in the library or rent book shops, make us explore the books by ourself while my parent are out for work. My mom who advice on my eldest sis to take care of my sister and I, then my eldest sis always bring us to read the comics, and novels in the bookshops when we free only. That is why my sisters and I become great reader!

My mom don't have time to read comics and novels, but she love to read the cooking books! She still want to bake the cake and cookies when she is free!

It make you interested to buy the interesting books which you never see? Wait for next year 2014 again, ya! Please visit the official website:

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