Smart Review on the Samsung Galaxy Note III

When Galaxy Note III was launched by Samsung a new category was created, it big screen and portability convenience has attracted a large number of consumers who are in love with this smart phone model. Its main strength is S pen, and the intelligent stylus that comes with the device it allow user to multitask thing not just navigating user interface and scribble notes.

Build & design
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has retained same features that gave Note series its own smartphone identity. Note 3 resemble much the original Note than Note 2 which is more curved. It is made of plastic with a cleverly disguised finish of element that gives this smart phone a premium fit and finish. Despite its large size the phone is portable and it pocket fit is good. Samsung Galaxy note 3 come in a range of colors that include classic white, jet black, and blush pink depending with one’s favorite one has a range of choice to select from.
  • Samsung Note 3 has a 5.7-inch supper AMOLED front display, it bezel is narrow both on the left and right side compared to Galaxy note 2, it is also no beveled below and above the screen and it is flatter with a sporty texture dark grey finish.
  • A physical home button is still featured to it front with two capacitive touch button for back and menu control. It has different sensors, notification light, front camera, and earpiece grill located above Note 3 screen. It front panel is also surrounded by chrome frame that gives a premium feel to the phone.
  • Its power button is located on the right edge of the Note 3 volume rocker is on the left, on top is 3.5 mm headset jack and an infrared receiver, on its bottom is a new USB 3.0 port it has also a S-pen slot, the location of power bottom on the side has assisted in making the model less cumbersome.
  • It back feature a 13 megapixel-camera lens made with LED flash below it, toward the bottom it features small speaker outlet.
  • It back is removable it protects the micro SD and SIM-card slots that are stacked on top of each other plus the battery.
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Note 3 look much refined compared to Note 2 due to it leather finish and it good weight that corresponds well to it dimension ratio.

  • It scree is full upgraded to full-HD display check-mark its screen is big enough making it good to browse or even watch a comes with a full-HD super AMOLED display that has a 1080x1920 resolution pixel.
  • It display is among the best ever seen display text, images, and video appears sharper with good colors.
Software / user interface
  • It offer a more enhanced version of Multi-window that is able to launch two instance of the same app, its flexible as one is able to place Multi-window bar on either side of the screen ,for more advanced information about Note 3 software users interface one can contact sky helpline. Note 3 is therefore one of the bestselling smart phone available. 

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