Smashies Burger @ Setapak, Kuala Lumpur


SMASHIES BURGER located at Lot 126-G-5, Metro Genting, Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak 53300 Kuala Lumpur. First time, the Asia’s very own Barrack Obama launched Smashies Burger on 8 July 2013, Monday, so many people and bloggers went to see him there! You can see more photos about Asia's very own Barrack Obama Album at Smashies Burger Facebook!

What is Smashies Burger? How? Who?
You can read a cute comic on the menu food above!
"Smashies Burger" in Kuala Lumpur is opened by a founder and General Manager, Will Soh, who is ex-investment banker. He shares that the inspiration for Smashies Burger came from his visit to New York, America. He had visited a shop, ordered a simple burger, took a bite, and realized that the memories of his college days flooded his mind. His greatest and happiest days. Sharing a great burger with even greater company. Meeting old friends, making new friends. He instantly knew his purpose in life: To rediscover friendship through a burger that brings joy, fun and happiness. Or simply, to bring a burger that brings people together! 

There are 5 flavors of charcoal bamboo (black), pandan (green), oranges (orange), sweet potato (yellow) and yeast rice (red). I prefer the Orange bun as it is very delicious with a hint of citrus flavour! Lots of young students and professionals enjoy eating burgers so they come to the Smashies Burger on every breakfast lunch, and dinner time, included late night to eat their specialty burgers or just to hang out with friends!

Anna Olsen, PR event and Smashies Burger who invited me to attend their fun event on last thursday, 5 September. This is the 2nd qualifying round of SMASHIES BURGER EATING CHAMPIONSHIP at 8.30pm. All participants stand a chance to win a cash prize of RM 1000. My sister and I cannot join the competition because we cannot eat such a large amount of burgers in just 8 minutes! When my sister and I witnessed the competition, I was amazed when some young participants that eat alot of mini burgers in 8 minutes only and the recod for that day is 10 mini burgers in 8 minutes!


After the competition, they give out the mini burgers for all the spectatures and customers in  the shop. This is one of the ways that Smashies Burgers give out and contribute to our society! The mini burgers have a good taste of chicken too!

The ambience of he shop was nice and the simple design makes it very comfortable for students to stay for a long time to do their assignments.The shop also have a lot of different board games available for the customers to spend their time and have fun with their friends. I saw two cute Minions in the shop so I took pictures with them! Haha.

Thank you very much to the owner of the Smashies Burger, Will Soh for the complimentary dinner. I decided to order the Annoying Orange; it is a orange bun with a single Smashies beef patty, a piece of cheese, hashbrown, egg and pieces of Crispy beef bacon. My sister ordered that the Lord of the Mess; yellow bun, single patty, single cheese, fried portobello mushroom, fried nachos, egg.

The burgers are suprisingly tall and huge in portions! One burger would last a person untill the lunchtime on the next day! It was very delicious and although we have a hard time of fitting the whole bite into our mouth! haha. There are many different types of fries avaibable on the menu, and one of the specialty is the fried portobello. Portobello is a big mushroom that is as big as the burger diameter and they cut it into slices to deep fry it into the fried portobello!

Annoying Orange
Lord of the Mess
Portobella is fried mushrooms!

The Special burgers's price range between RM 10 - RM 20 so it is reasonable for the burger lovers. The owner, Will Soh is planning to open a new branch of Smashies Burgers every 6 months and mostly will be located inside the shopping malls. We are very happy and enjoy our burgers very much!
Will Soh, founder of Smashies Burger and Selina Ooi, Deaf blogger
Thank you to Anna Olsen, Leon PR staff, and Will Soh for the invitation of this event! :)

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