FREE HPV VACCINATION in Syopz@Taylors Lakeside Campus

Thinking of getting HPV vaccination but not sure where you can get it for free? Fret not, the government is now organising a free charity HPV vaccination campaign under LPPKN.
But first, what is HPV?

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common cause of cervical cancer and is also one of the most common sexually transmitted disease. HPV can transmit from individual to another via direct skin contact, blood and during childbirth from mother to child.

How to get the cervical cancer?
For example you are single and dating, you believe this vaccine is something that you would bring up with future boyfriend or husband. If you not receive the HPV vaccine, she is doing sex with her boyfriend or husband, maybe in the future, you will get the cervical cancer! How it looks like? See the picture below;

Source image by Altsberglotion
Hence, how can we protect ourselves from getting HPV?

Well, we can protect ourselves and people we love by encouraging you and your love ones to get the HPV vaccination from the nearest clinic or government vaccination program. Since cervical cancer is the 3rd most common cancer among the Malaysians. By vaccinating against it can help to reduce the deaths by as much as two-third!

Thankfully, the government is now organising a free HPV vaccination program!

The HPV vaccination program is a vaccination program initiated by Population and Family Development Board Malaysia (LPPKN) under the prevision of Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

The main objective for this vaccination program is to reduce the cervical cancer that caused by HPV in the future. The aim of this vaccination drive is:
  • To administer HPV vaccination to all women from the age of 18 and above
  • To protect Malaysian women from the risk of HPV infection
  • To lessen the risk of cervical cancer among women in Malaysia
This HPV vaccination program will be held at Syopz @ Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, on 2nd October 2013 from 9am to 4pm.

The vaccination is 100% free of charge and open to anybody from the age of 18 and above!
For those who completed all three doses will be given a free pass to a concert with locally-renowned artistes that are scheduled in the second quarter of 2014. (2nd March 2014)

Wait, guess what? There a lucky draw too! Participants who register to vaccinate in a group of 5 or more will be eligible for a lucky draw, with the prize being a fully-sponsored Girls Day Out session! The destination will be a secret but will be something really fun!

So what are you waiting for? Just create a group of 5 or more girls, take the vaccination, and submit your group name then you will stand a chance to win this all-expense paid trip to a secret destination “Girl’s Day Out”!!

Please shout out to all of your GIRL FRIENDS!
Better to take HPV vaccination for your safelty of health!

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