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Okay, get ready all of you for phone geeks out there. Do you remember the iPhones such as the 3 GS and the 4S or even the IPhone 5? Well Apple is coming out with a brand new phone that is going to trump all of these phones. This phone is said to have revamped many of the older features and added some newer ones as well.

The phone itself is a bit expensive. For the 16GB it will come out to be about $200 and for the 32GB and 64GB it will be about $300 and $400 respectively. So if you have the money and you don't mind spending it to get the brand new IPhone 5S than you will be so glad that you. For one the phone is said to be so much faster than the originals and the ones that came before it.

This IPhone comes with a motion co-processor, a chip that is called the M7. And this chip will help your phone to get more information from health and fitness apps more quickly and more efficiently. So if you are out exercising and you need some information on something to do with your health, than this chip will get you the information very quickly.

The camera itself has been revamped and the improvement is a very big contrast to the older ones. For one the pixels are about 1.5 larger than the ones that came before it. This basically means that they are able to hold more light. Another great thing about this camera is the slow motion element. If you are taking a picture or making a movie to upload later than the pixels can capture more than before and at a slower rate. This way you won't have to shoot quickly, you can take your time. For every 100 shots your pixels will get HD quality shots with about 720. And the best part about this is that it can take various shots all at once and then your camera will help you to decide on the best one taken and you can save the rest. This goes for video shooting or just taking pictures.

There is also something known as the "true tone flash". And this means that you get equal parts LED warm and cool lighting and it matches it to the ambient light in the room to get the best possible results.
Touch ID - iPhone 5S
There is a brand new feature that has been in the news before and we are happy to confirm that this phone does have it. It's called the "touch ID". This means that your phone will recognize you by your touch and your fingerprint. You can use it to open up your phone and use it. You can also use it to make purchases at your Apple and IPhone stores. Now they will not give out your fingerprint, so you can rest easy with that worry. They will just use your fingerprint to verify that you are in fact who you say you are when you sing onto make a purchase.

The new o2 telephone comes with so many cool features that all-in-all it's worth the extra money. Just log onto one of the sites for more information and see what works best for you!

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