Tokyo Kitchen Restaurant @ SetiaWalk, Puchong, Selangor

I was given the tokyo kitchen's menu, inside get the history of restaurant and introduction of celebrity chef, cool! Sometimes, the lunch or dinner promotion that they give to me, depends on their session time.

My good friend, James also told me that it is very nice restaurant, he told me that it have a special food, a GIANT dinosaur sushi and LONG Salmon Sushi! You can see the photos below;

This is GIANT DINOSAUR sushi
They used the long thin slice of salmon sashimi is on top of a sushi rice, For the giant dinosaur sushi, it looks as bigger than long salmon sushi! so it is first time they introduced this to Malaysia. You sure love raw salmon, you better to order it!

There are many different of sushi, you can see the beautiful sushi which made by the chef! This is my best friend and me's dishes. She love it!

There are two set of dinners from the promotion of dinner menu that James and I get. 

With one special sushi are given to us and told that it won an Award of "Best Japanese Restaurant of The Year 2012/2013" - Expat Choice of The Year. So, we tried it, so it is delicious raw salmon! I think that mostly they served the salmon only! It's RM 12.80.

Finally, we are very full! There are an interesting wishing area at outside of Tokyo Kitchen!

James and I want to get the wishing board from them, feel free to write your wish! Each of us get FREE wishing board! :) We wrote it so secretly! Hehehe. But, our wish are everyone, family and friends to be healthy and happy on everyday! Haha.

Tokyo Kitchen
Block D-05-G Setia Walk,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong.
Tel: (603) 5651 0012

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