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Many Deaf people says that earning money though blogging is IMPOSSIBLE as it is hard for them and they don't have time to use the internet online on everyday! They need to work the full-time job and focus on their family as their most important life!

But, there are some homemakers, mothers, and full-time/ part-time bloggers make the blog to get the earning money to help their burden off the debts! Their earning are in $USD money! Me too! USD X 3 = convert to Malaysian RM. It looks more money into my saving bank!

Truth: Everyday, every people who have blog want to earn money through it, but not everyone know how they can earn money using there blog. There are so many ways which peoples can use to earn money online easily and some are thinking it is very hard. Sometimes, the people are give up so easily, if they saw their earning are little only! So, MUST be patient and hardworking is a must-doing for your success if you want your earning be BETTER!

You can read my artice, "Blogging to Help You to Earn Money"

"Luck is what happens when
preparation meets opportunity"
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Why I am blogging?

This is my PASSION! I can use blogging as my hobby, easy. I believe the social media can make me are LUCKY!

I love to share my experience and information to increase the awarnese of Deaf Malaysia. I also encourged everyone to share their knowledge; by helping one another, and make the bridge between Deaf and Hearing world together. Please visit my blog, Deaf boleh! Malaysia at

It also help me to earn more money via blogging and social media only, it is very easy because the internet can provided 24 hours and many readers always visited my blog on everyday. I received some checks from Google Adsense, and Nuffnang on every 2 or 3 months as my earning is good enough

Make Money Blogging:
Why I make money online? My reasons are:
  1. I believe in my blogs can be success and my family always support me! My mom knew me love to write a blog, as she want my grammar English become improve more! Mostly, I always use sign language to communicate with my family and Deaf friends. That is why my English grammar still are not good!
  2. My traffic always be increase on everyday, 24 hours as I always blogging on everyday! I am really never worry about my earning because thanks to Google Adsense and Nuffnang
  3. My blog can get more attraction from the press media and some companies to know more about who I am, and Deaf community's awarnese.
  4. I also use Social Media to make my own LUCKY! For example, I always get the sponsorship and invited as guest blogger to few companies! It is really GOOD experience for me as the media blogger!
Blogging has lots of ups and downs, so when you face hard times with blogging, don’t give up and keep working towards your goals.

If you don't have more friends, it is okay. You can promote your blogs to the social media; Facebook, Youtube, Friendster, Google+, Yahoo!, Bing and more..!

If I start to blog, how? Let me give you the "Blog Ideas" as easy:
- Write Your Interesting Story
- Take Your favourite Picture, such as FOOD, EVENTs, and etc
- Share with Friends / Family

If you interested to follow me, let me tell you about make money online!

1. Google Adsense

This is Google Adsense from US. It helped the millions of people, companies and bloggers who gained money from them. It is my biggest earning as this advertisements still remain at my blogs! If you are beginner, your earning sure be little, but you must need more traffic of readers who visit your blog! My income are around USD $300.

2. Nuffnang Malaysia
This is my second income from Nuffnang. Please visit on the Nuffnang website. Total are 1,000 malaysians always visit my blog on everyday. My income is increasing so quickly, reach RM 60 on every week. I did received a check bank from Nuffnang Malaysia.

It is very easy, since I am hardworking, everyday I can promote the links to my social media; Facebook and Google+ only! My income increased to RM 100 per month already! But I keep to save my cash in the first. Join me if you want RM 100 per month, better you promote the links to social media only!

If you are beginner, must to read more my experience about "Blogging to Help You Earn Money". Or you can use your skills to start your own business, read my article about 8 Tips to Increase Your Income.

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I can teach you to learn how to do marketing and business skill! Because I am creative and business people! I also experienced to do many things like freelance design, Deafmoolah, and others! If you believe me can earn more, then you can do it too! Do you interested to join this Organo Gold, please email me or SMS me. :)

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