Won My Prize, iPad Mini @ Nuffnang Malaysia!

AMAZING! I won my prize, iPad Mini on my first time! I visited the Nuffnang office at Kuala Lumpur to collect it. First time, I amazed with their creative office by Nuffnang! :D

Do you know what is Nuffnang? I did mentioned about how to make money via blogging with Nuffnang on last year. It encourage the Malaysian bloggers can register Nuffnang for FREE and start earning money by putting up Nuffnang ads on their blog only.

It is true! Read my topic about I get cheque from Nuffnang!

You will see the big logos of Nuffnang and Churp Churp at the main entrance of door when you arrive there!

One day, I start my new business, I will make my office be CREATIVE! :)

Last time, Nuffnang organized the Credit Card Contest for the Nuffnang fans and bloggers! They emailed to encourage me to join this contest! I think that I better to give a try to use my skill to design! I am really surprised that many readers and Deaf friends love my creative credit card!! See my "SW Magic" credit card design below;

"The words "Believe in Magic", means that most of the youths are living in a world of magic which is connected by silver techology that allow us to live in ease! Nowadays, the youths are so proficient in the technology world that it allows them to connect to each other via this magic regardless of their locations. Technology are like a magic, it can helps a person to be more extroverted and outgoing while maintaining a safe social distance via various social networks. Apart form that, the cubes indicate that youth can use these magical technology to help them to think out of a box by becoming an enterpriser or a creative person!" ... Read more to explore what theme about this!

Many people still want my design of credit card become reality! If there are any bank; Maybank, RHB, and others like my design, I would be happy to do design!  

If you are blogger, join me @ Nuffnang! You will have more chances if you get invities, events, and others!

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