My Parents, My HERO Contest by Hwajing Travel & Tours

Parenthood is the toughest job in the world. It is never too late to express your appreciation to your parents! Hwajing Travel & Tours wants to extend their love and respect to parents out there who have been doing an amazing job as parents in celebrating the Parents Day. With this, Hwajing Travel & Tours is organising a “My Parents, My Hero!” Contest in conjunction with celebrating the Parents Day. By sharing a story about your parents and how they have impacted your life, the winner will stand a chance to win a special trip for their parents, as an appreciation towards their hard work and sacrifices.

 Duration of this contest is held from 20 May 2013 to 17 June 2013.


Step 1: Please click “Like”on Hwajing Travel and Tours Facebook.
Step 2: Contestant can download the contest form from:
Step 3: In 60 words, share with us the amazing story about your parents/guardian in nurturing and bringing up the family.
Step 4: Attach a family photo with the story submitted.
Step 5: Complete the contest by emailing the below details to
  • Full Name
  • IC Number
  • Occupation
  • Contact No
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Photo of you & your parents
The announcement of the winner will be made on 20 June 2013. The contest winners will go home with amazing prizes:

Parents have sacrificed a lot to ensure that their children have everything they need to stay happy and healthy. On this special day, what could be more special than an opportunity to spend quality and memorable time with them?

Read the Terms & Condition - here

What are you waiting for? Come to join me to take part in this contest! I am interested in the trip to the South Korea! I love the Korea's culture because I always watch the Korean drama! :D

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