Haze Season @ Malaysia on June 2013!

OMG! Yesterday morning, I saw some haze at outside my home!! I better to stay home to focus my work, Deafmoolah! My sister mentioned to me, that MidValley got some haze too, her eyes hard to catch what she wants! Many kids, old people, couple, and others have to wear the mask on everytime, if the haze are around their place, so bad!

You sure curious about how much of temp which affected your place? Please check the data of a t

You can see a real time air quality index map at :

In the addition, you can install the widgets of Android, and iPhone.

You can download the "Asia Air Quality" app Google Play at

And for Apple iPhone users, please visit the mobile iphone at

Wow! There are one person who spotted a unknown monster to be appeared at Kuala Lumpur during the haze season! Suddnelly, a Ultraman Taro who come out to fight with this monster!! So Cool!

I dont know who edit this photo as I found out from facebook page.

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