Italiannies @ The Gardens, MidValley

My friends and I tired after we are busy with the meeting! James bring me and my best friend to the Italiannies restaurant, The Gardens. We eat the Italy food on our first time! You could always smell their freshly baked breads and pizzas. It make us very hungry!

We given the menu Italian to think alot...Hehe I asked if James can choose one which is most delicious food for us! My best friend want to eat the spaghetti. James and I decided to share a pizza. Then we can share the Signature Stuffed Mushrooms together.

Wow, Italian homemade bread with olive oil and vinegar will be serve for everyone after they ordered. It is good to eat the homemade bread while we chatted together! She also ordered the Mushroom Soup too! I shared it with her too. :)

Signature Stuffed Mushrooms, normally it have 6 pieces. We, 4 persons take 8 pieces. The mushrooms are really tiny. We could barely taste the spinach and fresh herbs but it was really fragrant. Honestly, the texture was more like bread crumbs with hints of Italian Sausage. The 3 cheeses sauce was not too over-powering. I like tiny mushrooms because it is very cute! I want to eat more, James let me to eat much! Haha.

Angel Hair Pormadoro (Spagethii). I felt that the tomato is special as imported from Italy! James and I love my best friend's choice of spagethii! Haha. This taste of sauce are very delicious, make us want to eat tomato so much! Haha. And finally, a pizza delivered to it is big! It is very good than other Pizza Hut! :D

I got a Orange Soda drink, I thought it is normal juice Orange but I surprised that a half piece of Orange inside my drink!! James also got Coffee Ice drink, but I forget it! My best friend also have cute Strawberry Ice Blended drink, can make her very full! :P

The staffs was nice and polite as they get to know us are Deaf customer! So, they give a very good service and also give FREE "PINCH of Salt" card to get the discount rebate 10%, and more points too. It's good? You can find few restaurants which "PINCH of Salt" chose only; the Apartment, Baci, Bedroom, Bulgogi Brothers, Italiannies, Malones, Laundry, Republic+, Watami Japanese, and Fridays restaurant.

We want to come to Italiannies restaurant again, because we are very satisfied with their good service and food quality! Why? We felt that it is different than the Western food restaurant! All food imported from Italy, sure it is expensive!

James suggested that my best friends and I better visit to Italy because this place is very beautiful and make you feel peace there! Haha. My best friend, Kimberly said Italiannies are very delicious, so you should go there if you want to try once only!

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