Marvel Giveaway: FREE 700 First issue Digital Comic via ComiXology

Good news for Marvel fans! You can get FREE first issue digital comic from ComiXology! You can use your tablet or smartphone to read your digital comic!

Marvel had tried to offer more than 700 comics in digital form through ComiXology, but the technical problems were clashed since the internet users over the world visited the ComiXology promo website. Now, Marvel make a special promotion email for the users again, so it is easy for them to register email address, and then you will get their email which have the download link from 11 April.

How to get FREE First Issue Digital Comic Marvel?

Step 1 - You need to sign up new account at ComiXology promo website, and receive your confirmation of promotion invite in your inbox.
Step 2 - Keep to watch the invitation with an unqiue link in your inbox email on 11 April 2013.
Step 3 - You get invitation email then click this link to select free digital comics' lists!

What are you waiting for? Register now before 11.59pm on April 9, 2013, Tuesday! Go to ComiXology promo website!

If you want to read Marvel comic online via the tablet and smartphone, please check the Marvel @ Google Play, Android and iTunes Apple.

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