Hotel Review: Paramount Hotel, Georgetown, Penang

Thanks to Agoda as we got great deal from the Agoda. The Paramount Hotel provided the cheap price, RM 100 for a room (3 beds with FREE Wifi & breakfast) per night if you want to order via I think that this price are very good value, please check their price at

Last year - June 2012, my family and I also bring my grandma too as we enjoyed there. I have a cousin who invited my family go to her wedding dinner in Penang, that is why we get to stay in this heritage mansion.

First time, I surprised when I see a very old Hokkien Mansion which a rich family owned!! I am really don't know what name of family. The generation of a family keep the Hokkien-style mansion which they treasured so very much since they started to stay in the mansion during the British colony.

They want to change one into a hotel, because they like to make sure the visitors are enjoyed to experience what they feel when they are staying in a classic, heritage of mansion. Each room are nice and clean. They have 15 rooms also are furnished. It also allow the visitors can park their cars near their hotel.

I enjoyed to explore what are old thing which my sister and I never see in a big mansion! It reminded me when I stayed in my grandma's house like this! But, my grandma's house just like normal house which 3 bedrooms only, but its Hokkien-style of house.

My room get air-condition, and a fan, but don't have TV as I guess that the travellers in the mansion not used TV so much when they are staying in the rooms, so the living room get TV for every travellers who gather up together so easily. The FREE wifi are not good when my sister and I are in my room! We need to stay in the dining room, or living room to get a very good wifi!

This is old switch for a fan

If you love to see the beach, then get a room which have window which is opposite the beach. We don't worry about the service hotel - 24 hour front desk if we back to hotel on late night.

They also provided FREE breakfast for us because we bought the cheap deal from Agoda. If you are hungry for dinner, you can walk to the seafood restaurant which is near the beach in the short distance from the hotel only.

If you like to stay in the mansion which is near beach, you can relax there! Please visit the Paramount Hotel website for more information at

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Very nice sharing. Every thing is fantastic except washroom.
Selina Wing said…
Thank you for your comment on my post! Yeah, bathroom is simple only. :)
AngelBong said…
^_^ great hotel for family trip