[April Fool #2] Google Nose let you smell anything!

Google are introducing new Google Nose for you all! You want to smell the food from the TV or when you surf the food via the smartphone or PC? They make new smell-based search on the user interface of Google Search for the users. How I can get smell from Google Search? See the images below;

Step 1: You can search your favorite food; cake, durian, ice-cream, and anything! Or you can smell who or any things!

Step 2: After the results appeared, you can click on "Smell" - you want to smell, or "Share aroma" - you can share with your friends, and "How it works" - Read more info about Google Nose

Finally, you can smell... If you don't know how or cannot smell anything, then Google just play "Prank" on you only!! Hahaha!

See the examples below; how they are explaining about Google Nose search:

Try out on Google Nose! Google wishes you a Happy Aprils' Fool Day!

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