Movie Review - OZ: The Great And Powerful

I am really loved The Wizard of Oz, I still can remember that a young girl got trapped in the the another world, and meet three cute characters who help her to find a way to back to her world! Now, I never think that they re-create new title; "Oz: The Great And Powerful" which make us to be curious about what is about Oz's world? The summary story about there are a carnival magician and serial womanizer who longs for the greatness that his hero, Thomas Edison, achieved in both the worlds of showmanship and scientific wizardry, many people called him, "Oz" in the carnival. When an unexpected turn of events chases his hot air balloon into a tornado, he of course winds up in the colorful world of Oz, which you may remember from The Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, and Wicked!

I shocked that they did a great job to make the beautiful effects and 3D graphic! It reminded me about the movie, Alice in the Wonderland! Their concept of story are similar, especially, two kingdoms; Red and White Castles. In the Oz movie, there are Green Castle (Emerald City), but another "White" beautiful castle owned by Glinda, Late Emperor's daugther. I felt that this story are better than Alice in the Wonderland. But, the characters are very good at the acting when they tried to imagine themselves in the fantasy world. It compared to the characters - Oz, Glinda, and others. I felt tha Oz world make the beautiful place make us fell love with their country, make everyone happy. Oz world don't want more citizens went to the war, that is why they don't have the weapons, expect the magic for the kings and wizards only. The citizens are normal human and non-human that can live together to enjoy their job with their own skills.


I learned something's good from this story, Princess Glinda advised Oz to be believe in himself, and should not run away from his problem, or mistake. He always be greedy guy, but his heart still be good, so it forced him cannot hurt the kids and honest about his magic skills. He just want to make everyone excited to watch his great performance, no matter he lied them or his magic skills are not enough to be good.

I think his mistake about he should not play the love feeling with every ladies who he met, his fun love make the beautiful ladies who got their broken heart to be hurt, it lead the ladies can be stunborn or angry and will take revenge on him! So, you should not depend on who have better skills or stronger than you. You need to improve yourself to impress your friends! You can seek your friends' help to bulid your own dream. Your friends sure proud with you when you did a very good result in your life.


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