Happy Birthday 2013, Google Play! Get FREE birthday apps!

This week, Google Play is going to woo the Android fans with their first celebration of birthday! Since Google interested in Android Market because Android is very popular around the world! So, Google changed the name of their apps store to "Google Play".

 Google is celebrating by giving Android users discounts, gift cards and exclusive in-game content.
Depending on which country, users can get free books,music, discounted movies and TV rentals, and new Android-themed additions to some games.But, for Malaysia, we don't get it.

Please check out these exclusive free games at There are cool and cute games; Clouds & Sheep, Royal Revolt, Dragon Story, Shipwrecked, Zenonia 5, Campus life, Tiny Castle, the Sandbox, Yumby Smash, Monster Petshop and Gnome Village.

And other goodies Fancy Gift Card, (10% off). Royal Revolt, and Yumby Smash.
Enjoy it from Google Play , ya! 

If you ask me, what are my favorite game or best choice that I do? It sure make me interested in new games and some apps...

Royal Revolt, my favorite game because it is cute king to get his kindgom back from his uncles and aunt who are evil! It is easy to be understand the tutorials and gain more coins to upgrade his military and king's magic skills. There are many interesting magic skills; poison, healing, falling swords, thunder, fire and many... You'll face more enemies than his uncles, and aunt, once you get the updated game. :) Its' great game, make you feel want to explore your kingdom into your own country!

I heard that many people liked this app, It is best deal to give you to find which hotel which you interested in, and explore more...More interesting about their rewards! If you be member, you can book any hotel as you want to stay how many nights...Just like collect 10 nights, then you will get 1 free night, cool! It is different than collect points! Visit website.

You want to know more about other deal websites, such as, and others. Please read my article, "4 Online Hotel Booking for Cheap, Budget & Relax"

I really like RPG game, Zenonia 5, it is cool and got cute characters! Everytime, I played Zenonia 4, it's bad because it need the connection of internet! Each story of Zenonia are really great, make you enjoyed to meet different people in the village or missions during your journey! You have to beat each boss, if you want to complete a story! For Zenonia 5, you start to play your story, you have to choose one job; berserker, mechanic, wizard, paladin. Last Zenonia 4, I took Ninja job to learn more skills to become strong, really cool. :)

Campus Life is most suitable for the girls who enjoyed the double life! haha. I felt that this game is similar as SIM life game. If you love to be popular around the guys, you can enjoy to party with someone you like, shopping the fashion and own a house to deco how many things as you like!

You know, I am really love Final Fantasy so mostly! Since I am teenager, I always play Final Fantasy VIII till X-2! If you miss old Final Fantasy, you should buy it because the offer discount are really cheap! Check out on this Final Fantasy Dimensions @ Google Play.

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