Contest: Nuffnang Youth Credit Card Design

Do you know the meaning of sign symbols in the "Sign Language" of "DEAF"community?

"I love You" in Sign language.
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Express your feeling to someone you love when you tried to use the different ways to show LOVE? It is easy to show "I LOVE YOU" in sign language! Many people know and use the sign for I LOVE YOU. This sign is universal used throughout the country and the world. We see it all over television, at sporting events and during "shout outs" to our mothers. The sign is actually the combination of the fingerspelled letters of I, L and Y.

Today, many youths are interested in different culture, so how about introducing our young generation to the Deaf Culture. Deafs are a silent community, "never heard" and are seen as normal people physically and outwardly. Hence promoting Deaf culture can indirectly promote a caring society among youths of today!

Why do I choose the hologram with Dove at top of credit card? I choose the hologram with the bird dove because it is a very attractive symbol of freedom and peace. Their ability to soar high into the sky and their proximity with the sky makes them desirable, and make their dreams come true! So, it is suitable for youths  of today!


Learn the Sign Language Alphabet on the back of credit card. 
I would like my readers, and hearing people around the world able to enjoy learning the "Sign Language Alphabet". Learning sign language helps in communication with Deaf people and may also help more youths to get a Deaf person as your new friend!

In addition, D-HEART, D mean Deaf, HEART mean I LOVE YOU! It also bridges between Deaf and Hearing Community too!
You can use it at anywhere, such as shopping mall, street of restaurants, and pub-nights! If you go out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you show a cute sign "I LOVE YOU" to them, when you want to express your love!! Voila! :D  Your partner will surely be shocked and feel the expression of SPECIAL love more than the normal design or cartoon on credit cards!

At Jonker Street @ Malacca, you can enjoy to eat food with your friends!

 At Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, you can be shopping with your family!
When you travel with your family or 
important person whom you care... at New York, USA!
I am really love Macbook Pro with Retina Display worth RM4,599 (Grand Prize)!  I believe my design will be GREAT and also bring fprward the meaningful message, "I LOVE YOU" to everyone around the world! If I win, I sure will be a very HAPPY Deaf person! Haha! I am really very excited about....

"If I win this contest, this will be the first time everyone get a sign language credit card, enabling people to learn sign language in a   fun way! You can show this credit card to your friends, family and boyfriend/girlfriend! Normally people seldom get to learn sign language, moreover being able to learn sign language from credit card would be great!"

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