Bulgogi Brothers, Korean BBQ Cuisine @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

 My best friend dragged me to new Korean BBQ Cuisine since she found out that Paradigm Mall opened the Bulgogi Brothers there! It is very popular in Korea, more than 30 restaurants in Korea, the Philippines, Canada, finally Malaysia now. You can found one of branch "Bulgogi Brothers" in four famous shopping malls; Midvalley, e@Curve, Pavilion KL, and Paradigm Mall.

First time, Bulgogi Brothers @ Paradigm, welcomed us on their first time, because I guess their first-time customers are we, Deaf friends who went to eat Korean BBQ! They tried to make us felt comfortable and served to grill the meat for us so easily. They give us the tea, named "Oksusu Cha" - Corn Tea, we tasted this tea really different than green tea, and normal chinese tea!

First time, I eat corn soup! It's good healthy for us, as we eat corn so much, hehe.

Bulgogi Brothers Special, its special assorted bulgogi combination of Unyang & Gwangyang style Bulgogi.

More interesting about Unyangsik Bulgogi is a considered royal cuisine and made in heart-shape, said to be very popular with couples in Korea. I really want the heart-shape meat, but they don't want to order Unyangsik Bulgogi. -.-lll Next time I will come with my family or best friend!

Kkotedungsim Modum, a combination of Bulgogi's best; Kkotedungsim, Galbi Kikotsai, Chadol Baki.

My good friend and her boyfriend ordered the Kimchi Jjigae, its best Korean best stew made from spicy Kimchi paste, tofu, rice cakes and sliced beef brisket. They really love Kimchi!

Then, James, Kim and I shared one dish - Kangdoenjang, tradisonal Korean soybean paste stew with minced beef, green chilies, tofu and doenjang. A dish loved by all Koreans! Sorry, I forget to take more photos because we friends, really to enjoy chat-chit alot!

Finally, James asked us to eat ice cream, or not? I cannot eat more because I am very full, so my three friends enjoyed to eat ice-cream, it's is very unqiue and cute! I took this photo because it's Korean's special ice cream!

We surisped when a manager came to speak with James, while he was interpreting for us. He gave us the free membership card to each of us, and like to know about what are our job so funny! He surisped to see we work in different field, when we are same Deaf!

If you want FREE membership of "PINCH of Salt", maybe the price more than RM 100, you can get one card. You can use this card to get the discount rebate 10%, and more points too. It's good? You can find few restaurants which "PINCH of Salt" chose only; the Apartment, Baci, Bedroom, Bulgogi Brothers, Italiannies, Malones, Laundry, Republic+, Watami Japanese, and Fridays restaurant.

We are really happy and enjoyed to eat dining restaurant, but, it help to make me review more for my blog here! :P Haha

Bulgogi Brothers at GB13,
Ground Floor, Boulevard,
Paradigm Mall,
No.1, Jalan SS 7/26A,
Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

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