Padi House @ SetiaWalk, Puchong


Last February, my family and I back home from Penang because I have to work on 5th Chinese New Year Day, same as Valentine Day. My best friend suddenly called me for dinner, I surprised! I really never think about it! We enjoyed to go eat dinner at Padi House @ SetiaWalk after work.  

Padi House get a very beautiful green decoration to attract more customers in, but for me, this restaurant looks simple only. :) They offered the Asian cuisine, western cuisine and desserts.

We don't order so much, but first, we get the mushroom soup and drinks to share each other only. We just want to save money only la, we are not rich and romantic gals la. Haha.

I am really love my favorite, Salmon, so I ordered the Salmon western chop; fresh vegetables, soft cream, and wedges. My best friend got the grilled Chicken chop with fresh vegetables and wedges.The food prices are reasonable, okay only, but the drinks and desserts' prices are expensive abit.

We still enjoyed our simple dinner on this lovey dovey day, but its sad for we chatted in short time only, because she need to leave for her family who is very important to her. That is why we met for two hours on first time only! Haha. Nevermind, I still am very happy and I like to thank you, my best friend for spending time with me on 5th Chinese New Year - Valentina Day! :)

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