Movie Review: CZ12

The “Chinese Zodiac” (aka CZ12) of the title refers to 12 bronze animal heads, one of each animal, that were stolen when Anglo-French armies looted the Old Summer Palace in 1860. Six of them are missing, and JC has been hired to track them down and find them by the father-and-son-duo of Lawrence and Michael, who run the shady Max Profits Corporation. This quest brings JC and his crews – Simon, Bonnie and David from the chateaux and vineyards of France to an island in the South Seas and beyond, as they meet a French heiress, a Chinese archaeology student, and a ruthless rival mercenary named The Vulture...

My dad and I also heard the rumor about JC “retires” from action movies especially when Jackie Chan is getting old. Since I am very young age, I also watched many movies which have Jackie Chan appeared for the stunts only. My dad always bought the Chinese DVDs for watching movie with me, and sisters always. Until now, JC still is active for the movies... he's 58 years old!

I never expected him to do the dangerous actions, such as the smorgasbord of action set pieces, which include outrunning Rottweillers in a garden maze, and a skydiving skirmish high above an active volcano. He also added some comedy scenes and the person come up as the Pirates of the Caribbean during his team explored the ruin's ship! Very funny! They also used the Mission: Impossible style to steal the treasure Zodiac too! So, he got two Guinness World Records: "Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor" and "Most Credits in One Movie".

JC and his team make me laughed, especially their funny translation while JC helped his friend! First time, I learned the China history about Old Summer Palace, known as "Yuan Ming Yuan" and called Imperial Gardens because it get the collection of garden and building architectures and other works of art. It sure very famous but, sad it is old ruins, more like the ancient temple in Turkey that my family and I visited before.

JC also lead his team to do their well-job during their dangerous mission. Then, he is good boss to them because he also care about what happen to them so mostly. So, he is good leader, and make his teammates love to work with him! He still chase the important of treasure which is belong to China, he is really not give up! You all sure curious about JC's wife... Haha. Finally, we get to see his wife's face when this movie is going to be end!

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