Movie Review: The Rise of Guardians

"The Rise of Guardians" is very great family-friendly movie with as open of a heart, especially for the kids, teenagers and adults who believe in the fairy stories! Christmas will be coming soon! That is why they did this movie for the kids want to believe the Santa Claus and legend fairies!

The summary story about Jack Frost, a reckless and lonely “legend” invisible to everyone around him. With no friends of his own, and lacking any memory of his pre-Frost life, he moves from town to town thanklessly providing snow days to the children of the Earth. One day, an ancient evil is reawakened. When Nightmare King, Pitch, begins poisoning the dreams of children around the world with fear, the Moon summons Jack to join an elite group of “Guardians,” Santa Claus, Bunny, Tooth, and Sandy, charged with protecting Earth’s children. Unsure of his own abilities, it’s up to Jack to take down Pitch before the Nightmare King can snuff out his fellow guardians – replacing the light of childhood “belief” with darkness and terror.
Wah, this is good idea about the belief “message” to the children of Earth. If  anyone who no longer believes in Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, or Sandman, they will lose magic and become weak. So, the Guardians need to protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children all over the world, mean the children will celebrate the Christmas, and Easter Day, they always believe what they see and get good things from them.

Who are your favorite of the Guardians? I like Sandyman because he is very nice and quiet guy. He don't talk so much, but he always doing his imagine things with using his magic if he want to tell his friends. Maybe he is similar as Hard of Hearing or Deaf? He can make more dreams for the children of Earth so, they also happy while they are dreaming on every night. I think that he is strongest of the Guardians, so Pitch want to destory him 1st than Santa Claus, and others.

First time, I heard about Jack Frost, who can bring the snow magic to the town! They want to bring him to you all because Jack Frost who is loner and not famous, alike Santa Claus, and other Guardians... They want you all happy if the snow are coming to your place, correct? I also want a Bunny Easter be cute small rabbit! Bunny is cool adult, but not cute.

I surprised about Pitch who can make the darkness and nightmare of dream, he also can make who felt "fear" inside their heart. He can destroy the children's beliefs in them, in order to him become strong more than the Guardians. Sometimes, he is bad dreamer because his magic alike "Sandyman"'s ability to bring good dream for the children.

So, this movie bring you watch the battle of good-vs-evil, with the idea of turning these well-known characters into super-heroes and super-villains an inspired one. Jack Frost is neutral guy and want to be new friend to the children. He must obverse his personality and get to know his truth of past life.

It make you to get know yourself when you still want to discover what is your main personality in your life, and think how to improve yourself to be better. This is very good meaning for the Deaf teenagers and Children of Deaf families!

Rating: 4.5  of 5

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