Movie Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey make you miss "The Lord of Rings"? It make me curious about how a ring can be created? Why it created? How they get it? You also can get know more about who are Dwarf, Elf, and Hobbit! My favorite race is Elf because I always play multilayer games online, I must pick my character as Elf because I am good at playing archer and keep a pet, eagle.

Bilbo Baggins lives a quiet and comfortable life in his home in a hill in The Shire, but that life gets a wake up call one day in the form of a tall, bearded wizard named Gandalf. It seems Bilbo has been chosen to take part in an adventure, and before night falls his home is filled with a dozen dwarves emptying his pantry, singing songs and planning their great journey. After some consternation Bilbo agrees to join the troupe, and this baker’s dozen plus one head off towards The Lonely Mountain which was once homeland to the dwarves but is now the residence of one very large and very dangerous dragon, Smaug...

The Hobbit make you feel this jounery filled with the excitement, emotion and full awareness with new environment which you never been to... I can see 13 dwarfs can fight with the human, Orc and Gobbins so very well. They are small but, very strong because they skilled with digging and make the weapons, better than the Elfs. Hobbit is different than Dwarf, they are polite, and also take care of themselves only. Not many people know about Hobbit's existance during Middle Earth. I only know four famous of races; Elfs, Orcs, Dwarfs and Demons.

Hobbits are not very good at fighting skills. Wizard Gandalf admired that Hobbit be better because they are brilliant, and can hide themselves so very well. If you join them, you will be different person and faces more dangerous of challenges during your journey!

You will know about how Elf and Dwarf can become best and long-time allies before the human races. I love to see many beautiful landscape with CG graphics in this movie!

I am surprised that this movie need to be continue to next Part 2 and 3, similar to "The Lord of Rings" Part 1, 2 and 3!  I also hope that Hobbit - Part 2 and 3 are better! Each movie get long 3 hours! If you don't want to miss it, better to watch now!

I learned the lessons from this movie, since they are different races, and give their best to understand each other when they become good friends. I think that Thorn are good leader because he also cares his races. For me, he is selfish, don't want the help from the others, but he aware around his friends then, he take his risk to fight with his enemies by himself. I can see his followers have different personality and some not good at fighting. He don't mind at all, he still protect his friends so very well. That is why they choose him as their leader. In addition, Bilbo also show what he can do to them, since they think a Hobbit cannot do anything.  

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