Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lighting Returns will coming in 2013

Lighting will come on next year, 2013, but they still not tell us about the released date for this game. It is for PlayStation 3 and Xbox only. After sleeping in crystal stasis for centuries since the death of her younger sister Serah, Lightning awakes in Novus Partus. She learns that the world faces oblivion in thirteen days and fights to save it. She will be the only playable character with Hope Estheim giving guidance and advice to her over cellphone. The game will involve her battle to save the world from destruction, set against the awakening of the ancient god Bhunivelze. So, she have 13 days left only, that have to find out about how to solve it....

Please watch the youtube about how they play this game below;

Why they created this game because Lightning Returns Will Be the Last Final Fantasy XIII. I also sad about Serah's death in Final Fantasy XIII-2, I really thought Serah and Noal will become lover if their journey is end! Who knows it? :P

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