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Long time, I don't check my nuffnang since I am very busy with Deafmoolah business. Finally, my total of earning reached RM 214.01! Yahoo! It is better for me to get cash out! Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia!

Are you curious about how I do it with Nuffnang? Check out on my article about "Nuffnang Malaysia help you to make money". If I don't have time to blogging, but I never worry about it because my blogs get a very good result of traffic because everyday the readers love to read my blog here or Deaf boleh! Malaysia. I just started to make new tech blog, DeafSwift.

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I keep to blog about something related to Deaf awarenesses in Malaysia, and make you all interested in the interesting topic make you curious...!

Thank you for supporting me as 1st Deaf blogger in Malaysia! :) 

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