Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

My best friend asked me about which one of japanese restaurants are very good? I suggested that we are looking for the restaurant in the Gardens? My friends love to try Yuzu, Japanese Restaurant because it make us attracted by the warm Zen-style of interior. The staffs's service are good. It has been praised for its innovative menu and quality food,so it sure very expensive if you want a Japanese meal.

This is a Japanese Unagi fish, salad, with brown rice and mee
This is a Chicken Set Meal with fried prawn and salad
This is Japanese Meal, Beef Soup with Rice, raw fishes, and salad

Sorry, I don't remember how much bill that my friends and I spend together... The total bill around RM 100 including 5% tax and 10%, maybe. Each meal are priced around RM 25 - 50 only. We got FREE green tea.

For me, this place is very bigger and clean, make us comfortable but, we felt cold inside! Many pictures about the drawing of geisha ladies - nice, but the prices are increased, make our wallet empty! Haha. But it is very good quanlity foodies, sure imported from Japan? :)

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T-235 & T-236, Level 3 Floor,
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 59200
Tel: 603-2284 7663/ 7763

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