Malaysia Budget 2013 Infographic

Malaysia Budget 2012 announced on last 29 September 2012. Wow, Deaf Students and youths will enjoy to get the 1Malaysia book vouchers, a one-off cash payment and rebates on smartphone purchases! Then, I can get the rebate RM 200 to buy my new smartphone on next year! 

Good news for all Deaf people can get 50% fare discount on KTM, and Deaf family have the combined income of RM 3,000 or less that can get RM 500 cash for households only. For Deaf singles are earning RM2000 income or less, they can get RM 250. 

And Deaf teachers or Deaf staffs are working for the government  they never worry about bonus 1.5 month. Haha. They will get bonus twice in December 2012 (50%) and January 2013 (50%)! So, it is very good for them. and designed the infographic for you all so it help you to understand the summary of budget 2013 below;

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