Little Pantry @ IOI Mall, Puchong

My sis and I planned to bring my mom went to the Little Pantry, IOI Mall for her birthday's celebration. My sister and I really want to try different restaurant which my mom never try. For me, it is very "fairy tale" Europe-style restaurant for the girls who love the pink and white. It looks very special unique and beautiful theme which attract more ladies, include the couple too. I remembered that the waitress are dressed in Pink maid, attracted more custromers to be interested in the "Little Pantry" restaurant. When my family and I reached there, I don't see any waitress (maid), guess they are taking off leave? Don't worry, there are getting the normal waiters and waitress in the uniform only. 

The decoration inside was very cute, feels like in fantasy land or Europe-style mansion. I think they choose pink is young girls or ladies' favourite color, make they enjoy to talk and enjoy to drink tea inside! They also provided a very nice gathering place for the custromer's birthday. 

My sister and I love to sit on the circle seat. It attract us to sit there! Each pink table with white chairs! They also arrange a very nice pink flowers and cute plant are around anywhere! 

First, I ordered the Norwegian Salmon. I really love salmon and fish. It is well being grilled with the flavorful flavors which is the sauce on top of it. The salmon texture is fresh and the tossed of the sauce which is with oven baked tomatoes side with fresh Asian green and ifused with balsamico is indeed a great combination of meal. I would recommended a best Norwegian Salmon!

My youngest sister's order is Chicken Chop, it is topped with the French Fries and the black pepper sauce with vegetables. It is normal to me, but I tried to ate it so very delicious.


 This is BBQ N.Z Lamb Shank...It is really big! For me, it is enough for two persons to eat it. Luckily, my mom can finish it as she can because she is very hungry. It looks very expensive but, the taste of rib lamb are very delicious & soft, and also served with potato with the vegetables!

With special BBQ N.Z Lamb Shank, they give my mom a Tomato soup. But, my mom don't like it because it is different taste, but not like tomato! It is so-so. My mom are very lucky to get FREE three pieces of cake for her birthday! Maybe because we ordered many delicious dishes..haha. We chose Coffee, Nut and Chocolate cake only. 

After few days, my best friend and I come to Little Pantry again. She never try it, so I treated her and she really love the Wild Mushroom soup ( I like to recommend this) with garlic bread! We also shared it together. It is very nice soup, make I fell love with it!

This is Carbonara Fettuccine which I love it! I always eat the spagetthi with carbonara since I studied my university. My best friend knew it. Haha. Many mushrooms topped on it!

Finally, she ordered the Andrew Special, Chef specialty, the tender juicy chicken meat is grilled and served with cheese and mango. We really love it because this chicken is very soft with nice sauce and easy to eat!

If you ask if it is worth expensive, yes. But, Little Pantry make us want to eat again! Next time, I bring more friends or can celebrate my friend's birthday there! Hope they can give us the cheap discount for disablity person like us, Deaf! :D

Little Pantry
IOI Mall Puchong,
Bandar Puchong,
Batu 9 Jalan Puchong,
47100 Puchong

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