iPad Mini will launch on 23 October 2012?

Apple will begin sending invitations media today (Oct 11, 2012) for the launch of the iPad Mini. There are some images of iPad mini already shown up to the bloggers and Apple fans who curious! This images are focusing on Lightning slot and size, 7.85-inches. The design are similar as New iPad but it get new lighting connector, following the iPhone 5.

According to, iPad Mini will only be available in a WiFi version. Why they do iPad Mini because it is smaller, easy to bring to anywhere, and put in the smaller bag. But, maybe Deaf people cannot use 3G as they want to make the video call? I think that it is suitable for travelers and business professional who work on iPad Mini with Wifi only?

I heard the iPad Mini will be launch on 23 October 2012. Apple cannot wait for November or December holiday?

Source: Sonny Dickson

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