Movie Review: The Four Marshals

First time, my family and I went to GSC Cinema, Paradigm. My dad really love to watch chinese movies or drama, so we decided to watch a chinese movie, "The Four Great Detectives". I felt that this is very unqiue for the four great detectives used the superhuman power combine with their martial arts and talents! I think that it is similar as X-Men movie...But, it is very good story featured about how they work together when they assigned to do their investigation of counterfeit currency. You can see this trailer below;

In their life, they got their own nicknames; Coldblood, Ironhand, Emotionless, and LifeSnatcher because they have their painful experience but, they are very strong. They always seek the answer to lead them to believe what they want in their life.

Coldblood is really a human? I thought that he is wolfwere...But, he don't tell much about his life, so he raised by the wolves only. He fell love on Emotionless when they meet first time... 

Emotionless cannot walk, and loves to talk with her pet bird. She has a talent to read others' mind. I sursiped about Emotionless can fight with others without help! She also used a wheelchair with the support of Ironhand, it is not easy for her to use the mindpower to control the things!

Ironhand and LifeSnatcher become best friends after LifeSnatcher joined them. In his life, he killed many with his blood hands, what make him change to be nice & cheeful guy?

I recommended this movie for you all to watch! This is not boring story because they used the magic tools, superhuman power, profesional skills, and talents...! I felt that this movie will be continue to next story again?

Rating: 4/5

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