Microsoft Surface - First time Tablet with Keyboard Cover by Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled new Surface Tablet with the 5mm-thin Type & Touch Cover, integrated keyboard and touchpad. The Touch Cover is the ultra-thin touch keyboard for those that value portabilit. And Type Cover is the slightly thicker keyboard with physical buttons - it is very very thin. Microsoft Surface, the new 10.6-inch tablets will be available for two versions: one for Windows RT with the ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra processor and another one for Windows 8 Pro that will be powered by an Intel third generation Core processor.

They still not mentioned about the date of release for the market tablets. The Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT will run inside the tablet and the size of screen tablet, 10.6". It is light and comfortable to hold. It have two speakers, dual microphones, microSD, one USB 2.0 port and Micro HDMI. There are 5 colours: white, black, red, cyan and magenta versions for the Touch Cover. So it is good thing for you?

It is very best tablet for you because you can type on the cover so easily. I think that the professionals, managers, designers and who love to work on any document with used the cover keyboard so faster than touch screen. If you are playing the games, you can use touch screen only, correct? My mom and dad are older, and really need the keyboard to type because they still are very slower when they used the touch screen on many times. I always helping them to type on their tablet, and guided them to learn so much.

Please watch this youtube below;

We will see them here in Malaysia, maybe next year or december? And we will know about the detail specification and pricing from Microsoft very soon! Be patient, ya! Please visit the official website, Microsoft Surface.

Source Images by Tech Malaysia

p/s: If my mom like it, I will buy this for her! Hehe! She also want a new tablet! :P

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